You Are Enough: A Mental Health Suite

Music by Aron Accurso, Text by Aron Accurso and Rachel Griffin
Commissioned by The University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club.

About the piece: Commissioned by the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, “You Are Enough: A Mental Health Suite” was written to advocate for, and elevate conversations about, mental health awareness.  It is available from Hal Leonard and the SATB version will be available soon after a premiere in 2021.

I.) “Inside the Storm.”  Text: Aron Accurso. The first movement is a song of support; you don’t have to pretend things are OK, or do anything, you can just be with someone literally, or from afar, “inside the storm”. 

II.) “A Thought Storm.”  Text: Aron Accurso and Choir members.  The second movement draws inspiration from a wonderful community art installation and social media movement: The Chalkboard Project.  They take pictures of people with chalkboards displaying words that have hurt them in the past and replace them with positive words.   It’s a tempest of positive affirmations and negative thoughts battling back and forth incorporating specific words from the Glee Club members.

III.) “You Are Enough”.  Text by Rachel Griffin.  There is a beautiful quote by Sierra Boggess and Susan Batson, “You are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are!” that was the inspiration for this movement. 

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