Songs for Littles (YouTube Channel)

About: Songs for Littles is a popular YouTube channel for toddlers and preschoolers with educational videos and music classes produced, written and performed by Rachel (Aron’s wife), Aron, and Jules Hoffman. In addition to writing songs, Aron performs the puppets Herbie, Georgie, and others. The channel has over 100K subscribers and over 30 million views.  

Here’s a song Aron wrote and performed called “Caterpillar.”


Buzzfeed featured Songs for Littles in an article: “My Daughter Was Having Trouble Learning to Speak Until I Discovered this YouTuber: I’m pretty sure this is the best show for toddlers ever.”

Here’s a video feature on NY1 about the channel


Here’s a sample episode, “D for Dinosaur”

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